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Education is Prevention

Shaken Baby Syndrome
is 100% preventable.
A major step in prevention will be achieved if the public health message "Never Shake a Baby" can be made part of our culture, just like "Don't Drink and Drive". Many people don't know that shaking a baby or a toddler can be dangerous.

Our strategy of prevention
is two fold.
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Why We Are Here

Why do we have Never Shake A Baby Arizona education project?  Because we are dedicated to educating parents on how to cope with crying and about the dangers of shaking a baby.

Education efforts have been shown to be a simple and effective method of reducing the instances of Shaken Baby Syndrome.   Stacy Turner, who is a friend and fellow board member of the Shaken Baby Alliance made a short video about her son Dylan that expresses this eloquently.  Please take time to view this video of Dylan by clicking on his name below.   If we can save just one child from being murdered or from a lifetime of disabilities through our education then all the effort is worth it.


If you can use a copy of the training DVD, please use "Contact Us" to tell us a little about how you would use it and how to contact you.


"I learned some stuff I didn't expect. I didn't know a babies brain sloshes around that much. Also, I didn't think a babies bones could break from being shaken." ~ Christian (8th Grade)

Feel free to use the powerpoints below to train personnel who work with families and young children—CASAs, foster parents, child care providers, Child Care Health Consultants, Healthy Families or Health Start home visitors, etc.  The more people who have this information and will share it with parents and caregivers of young children, the better!

Download 2011 Community Training Powerpoint Presentation

Download Babies Cry Powerpoint Presentation


Parents Stories About Crying

North Carolina CDC Project

Preventing SBS

Report on Male vs. Female Perpetrators

Materials and information are available for display at conferences. A radio or web-based announcement talks to parents from the baby's perspective to help reinforce the message to Never Shake A Baby. Hear it by clicking here: The Never Shake A Baby Arizona video is posted on the ADHS website.

"I think it's great that all parents see this before they take their new babies home." -Parent

"Think all new parents should watch it." -Parent

Never Shake A Baby - click to read helpful hints!