Small groups of people can do amazing things.

Grassroots efforts have done much for the shaken baby syndrome/abusive head trauma (SBS/AHT) community. Below are a few examples of awareness efforts that any group can accomplish.

Contact us via the Contact Us section if you:

  • Have personal contacts in your local hospital who we can talk with to train staff to distribute prevention materials in post partum and pediatric units.
  • Want to hold a Parent Education Group at your local child care providers that care for infants and young children to offer shaken baby training.
  • Have personal contacts in your local junior high and high schools and would be willing to educate students on the dangers of shaking a child in the human development and child care classes.
  • Have personal contacts in your local news outlets and can use Never Shake A Baby Arizona to do human interest stories on a case and to provide general information on shaken baby syndrome to increase public awareness.
  • Need Never Shake A Baby Arizona materials to use to encourage your local officials to devote funding to prevention programs on shaken baby syndrome and provide services to families.

Purchase a Child Abuse Prevention License Plate.  A portion of the fee helps to fund our programs.

Prevention Efforts

Prevention efforts to educate remain the key component in decreasing the incidence of SBS.

SBS support groups and others can help in some way, big or small. Parents, child care providers, and other caregivers are encouraged to educate others.

Volunteering at a local agency with a SBS prevention program is another way to help educate the public as well as soliciting donations for a SBS prevention agency, either through individual or corporate contributions.

Political activism to initiate and support legislation mandating that hospitals inform parents of the dangers of shaking babies and that schools educate on the middle and high school levels about the dangers of shaking babies. In addition, legislation that requires that child care providers complete a child abuse course, including information on the dangers of shaking babies, before they begin caring for children.  Legislation should be backed by a plan for funding up front so that programs are not created by law, but unable to accomplish their objectives due to lack of funding.


“It’s a great program to prevent abuse.” -Parent

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