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Rotational Cranial Injuries-Technical Report
Child Physical Abuse
Pediatrician’s Perspective on Child Abuse Reporting
Professional Education in Child Abuse and Neglect
Primary Care Clinician Decision-Making

A note for Pediatricians: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), in the October issue of Pediatrics, issued guidelines on preventing child maltreatment by strengthening families and enhancing child development. The Guidelines suggest that “pediatricians are well poised to play a vital role in preventing child maltreatment.” Guideline 3 says, “Clinicians should ask parents about their perception of their infant’s crying, how they are coping with it, and which strategies they use to cope. The pediatrician should help explain the infant’s behavior to parents and counsel them regarding alternative responses.”

Legal & Law Enforcement Professionals

Investigation Guidelines
Dynamics of the Non-Offending Mother

Visual Presentation of Medical Evidence
DTP Vaccination or SBS?

Teachers & Presenters

Preventing SBS
Male vs. Female Perpetrators
2014 Community Training (Powerpoint Presentation)
Babies Cry (Powerpoint Presentation)

Feel free to use the Powerpoint presentations above to train personnel who work with families and young children.

The more people who have this information and will share it with parents and caregivers of young children, the better! Materials and information are available for display at conferences, if interested please contact us!

Shh, Shh, It’s Okay: Coping With Crying in Babies and Toddlers

Podcast with Dr. Pam High

“I really did not know that shaking a baby could be all that bad (not that I do it). I just thought it could annoy them. I didn’t know it can effect them that badly. It has taught me so much more about the way of babies. I do know that I will use what you taught us in the future. Thank you!” –Skyly (6th Grade)
“It is good that you show this to parents. Some parents don’t know the damage they can do to their babies.” –Parent
“Thank you for teaching us all that stuff about not shaking a baby. I really learned a lot while you were here. I learned taht a third of babys die by getting shaken. I also learned that the fathers are the ones that shake the baby. I promise you I will never shake a baby. Sincerely, Gustavo” (6th Grade)“Please by all means, keep educating people about this dangerous activity.” –Parent