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At participating hospitals across Arizona, new parents are given the opportunity to learn about the dangers of shaking, coping with infant crying, and forming a plan should they become frustrated.  Nurses within the facility show each parent a short video, speak with parents to provide additional education, and have the parents sign a commitment form that identifies someone that the parent can call if their baby’s crying becomes frustrating. This report shows the number of parents educated in each facility.  PCAAZ hopes to provide this education to every parent giving birth in Arizona.

Hospital Reports

Commitment Forms

The Never Shake a Baby Arizona Commitment Forms, in English and Spanish, are used to evaluate the percentage of births educated each month in each hospital.  Each hospital can customize the form by adding their own logo.

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November 2016 Hospital Report

October 2016 Hospital Report

How to start a program at my hospital

It is surprisingly simple to start this program at your facility.  Simply contact Nicole Valdez, NSBAZ Statewide Coordinator at or by phone at 480.703.2339.

Once hospital administrators have decided to implement the NSB program, Nicole will train all staff of your choosing on the dangers of shaking, risk factors for shaking, typical infant crying and how to help parents cope, and how staff can speak to parents about these topics.  After staff has been trained, they will receive all materials free of charge and on-going support from the Coordinator.

The program can be tailored to fit your facilities specific needs and the only request PCAAZ has is that Commitment Forms be sent to the Coordinator on a monthly basis.  This is for tracking purposes and grant writing needs as the program is 100% grant funded.